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Have a question about the Winsight® Assessment System Field Test?

Find answers to frequently asked questions below.

General FAQ's

How do I log in to the Nextera Admin?

Schools participating in the Field Test will receive an email containing login credentials to access the Nextera site.

For schools whose participation has been confirmed before August 27th, this email will be sent to the school’s Field Test point of contact on or about September 1st.

For schools whose participation is confirmed after August 27th, the email will be sent within one week of return of your school’s signed NDA.

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How do I use the systems?

If you have questions on using the systems, please contact our support team at 800-644-5024 or WinsightSupport@questarai.com. Customer support is available from 6:00am – 5:00pm (CST), 7am-6pm (EST) / 4am-3pm (PST).

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How can I participate?

If you have questions about participation, please contact our recruitment team at participate@ets.org. This team is available now and will continue through the summer until honoraria have been processed and sent.

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What if I have a different question about the Field Test?

If you have questions relating to the Field Test, you will need to visit the Nextera site. All Field Test participants will be provided a login to access the Nextera site. This site contains a Help tab which allows users to access instructions for setup, installation, registration of students, administration of the Field Test, FAQs and additional materials. 

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If you can’t find an answer here, visit our Support Center and log a query with the team.