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Designating Student Accessibility and Accommodations Options

Winsight® offers the full spectrum of both universal supports/tools and accommodations. Universal supports/tools are available to all students taking the assessments and accommodations are available to students whose IEPs or 504 plans specify their use. We will be rolling out accommodations over the course of the spring and fall of 2018.


Universal Supports/Tools

All students taking the Field Test will have access to the following universal supports/tools:

Happy Tablet Sketch
  • Highlighter
  • Notepad
  • Bookmark (also known as “mark for review”)
  • Answer eliminator
  • Passage/item toggle
  • Math tools
  • Writing tools
  • Zoom
  • Calculator
  • Keyboard navigation*
  • English glossary
  • Line reader


Students whose IEPs or 504 plans call for them will have access to the following accommodations during the Field Test.

Available for Spring 2018 Field Test participants:

  • Answer masking
  • Spanish math assessment
  • Keyword glossary translations
  • Embossed braille booklet*
  • Initial content zoom setting
  • Color choice / reverse background
  • Classroom accommodations (separate room, extra breaks, extra time)*


Additional accommodations to be available for Fall 2018 Field Test participants:

  • Built-in read aloud
  • Third-party support of magnification
  • Screen readers and refreshable braille
  • American Sign Language (ASL)
  • Closed captions for audio
  • Audio descriptions of video

*Supports and accommodations that are not embedded in the online assessment

Support Center

If you have questions related to field test logistics or need help using the systems, please call the Winsight Help Desk (1-800-644-5024) or email us at WinsightSupport@Questarai.com

Winsight's Accessibility & Accommodations Guidelines

Understand the accessibility features and accommodations included in the Winsight Spring 2018 Field Test with these guidelines. Please note, this and other resources are available only to participating schools. All Field Test participants will be provided a login to access resources on the Nextera site.