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Field Test Guidelines

Discover the guiding principles, requirements and parameters that schools should follow when participating in the Winsight® Field Test.

About the Winsight Assessment System

The Winsight Assessment System has been developed by the Education Testing Service® (ETS) and will be administered by Questar® to better measure a student’s knowledge, skills and abilities in grades K-12, both in English language arts and mathematics.



  • Schools must be able to provide a proper testing environment (for example, free from noise and distractions)
  • Students must be actively supervised, unable to access unauthorized electronic devices and be seated far enough apart to minimize opportunities to look at each other’s work
  • Test questions are considered secure materials and should receive the same level of security as state-mandated tests. Improper use of these items may result in the contract between ETS and your school being made null and void



  • Stable, high-speed internet connection(s) (wired or wireless)
  • Appropriate bandwidth
  • Laptops, desktops and tablets with sufficient processing power to run the Field Test


System Requirements

Find the minimum technological requirements needed to run the Winsight Field Test, including the supported operating systems and related hardware recommendations and the requirements for monitors/screens, keyboards and headphones.