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About the Field Test

The Winsight® Field Test is a “trial run” that helps ensure the validity, reliability and fairness of the assessments. The field test lets developers see which items work well, and is a critical part of the development process.


The Winsight Field Test provides ETS and Questar Assessment with an opportunity to:

  • Gather and analyze student response data on items
  • Establish Winsight scoring and reporting scales
  • Stress test the test‐delivery systems
  • Offer students and test administrators the chance to experience new item types and technology to deliver those items
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The Field Test will be administered to students in grades 3-10. The data from the Field Test will provide ETS and Questar Assessment with important information on how items perform in a real‐world setting and will inform the construction of the scale on which the operational assessments will be scored and reported.


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The assessment system will deliver more actionable information to guide instructional strategies, thereby creating a richer environment for teaching and learning and leading to improved outcomes for your students.

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Schools participating in the Winsight Field Test must be able to:

  • Provide a proper testing environment (i.e., free from noise and distractions)
  • Actively supervise students, so they cannot access unauthorized electronic devices or look at each other’s work
  • Provide robust levels of security to the test questions, which are considered secure materials

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